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Pastor Steven Khoury, sittng next to his wife PastShari Khouryr

Ps. Steven and Shari Khoury, Lead Pastors

Calvary Church of


Pastor Steven Khoury standing next to a woman who is playing the keyboard and singing at Calvary Chu
A group of Calvary Church members singing during a worship service.
A woman, standing in front of a black metal podium speaking into a microphone.
Pastor Steven Khoury speaking at the Family Leadership Foundation.
Pastor Steven Khoury walking down a street with a group of guys.
Pastor Steven Khoury standing alongside his wife Shari and their three kids.
Pastor Steven Khoury standing next to his wife Shari and their three kids.

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Christian Church Serving the Evangelical Minority in Jerusalem

​Inspired by the martyrdom of his uncle, Pastor Steven established Calvary Church of East Jerusalem, an evangelical Christian church in Israel, in 2006 to minister to the same violent community that previously struck down his uncle. He soon found that there was a great need to encourage the dwindling Christian Arab minority that lived among them.

At the end of 2008, the population of East Jerusalem was 456,300, comprising 60% of Jerusalem's residents. Of these, 195,500 (43%) are Jews, 260,800 (57%) are Arabs. Of the Arabs, 95% are Muslims, and the remaining 5% are Christians.


Most of the 5% are traditional Greek Orthodox & Catholic Christians, who often ostracize the Evangelical Baptist Arab Christians.  Additionally, as a minority like any other minority everywhere, Arab Evangelical Christians are easy targets for criminal acts. Their small family and community size encourage aggressive parties to take advantage of them. They need prayer and support from the worldwide Christian network of believers.

Join Us and Begin Growing in Your Love for God


Over the past decade, Calvary Church has been pushed out of several rented locations by local pressure from the opposing religious communities. Nevertheless, Calvary Church has reached out in love to the community with annual summer camps, music programs, and open dialogue forums. Calvary's core members of 150 believers are learning to live openly by Christ's example of love and forgiveness. We invite you to join us for any of our weekly services and encourage you to begin growing a real authentic love for God and those in your life by diving deeper into biblical studies provided by Calvary Church.

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