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A Gift from Israel, receive a special gift for your donation of  or more. Our partnership together has changed the lives of thousands of people in Israel, the Middle East and the West. We are able to daily represent the Lord through your support, so we thank you.


We want to continue expanding the Kingdom of God.


These gifts will be ways you can remember to pray for us and to sow deeper into our outreaches and projects. Some of these gifts are handmade by local suffering believers!

Some of these gifts are prayed over in Jerusalem and or Bethlehem!


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Choose your gift:

Jerusalem/Bethlehem Ceramic Plate

This Jerusalem//Bethlehem Ceramic Plate is a beautiful 8.7 inch painted in beautiful colors representing Israel’s beauty and history. Jerusalem is the only place on earth God has chosen to place His name. Hang this on the wall or set it up on a shelf to remind your heart and others that you support the Holy Land and you will not be silent. Note: We are expecting 7-10 day shipping delays.

Tallit Prayer Shawl

The tallit (tall-EET) is a large rectangular shawl made of acrylic fibers. In each of the four corners of the shawl are strings tied in a particular pattern, called tzitzit. The origin of the tzitzit is biblical; the practice is prescribed in Numbers 15 The precept is to put these strings on the four corners of one’s garment — in ancient tradition, with a single strand of blue as well–as a reminder of the duties and obligations of a Jew. Since we no longer wear four-cornered garments, the tallit is worn specifically to fulfill the biblical precept. Comes in gold, blue and white, features prayers in English. (72x 22 inches)

Note: We are expecting 7-10 day shipping delays.

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Jerusalem/Bethlehem Ceramic Plate & Tallit Prayer Shawl Plus.....

Dead Sea Scroll Replica

This unique miniature “Dead Sea Scroll”  is a miniature replica reminding us that the Word of God is eternal and proven to stand against critics in time. The dead seas scrolls where found in the Qumran Caves in the 1946 time near the northern part of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea scrolls were critical to helping create a strong support to the Inherency and Infallibly of the word of God.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code permits the amount you give to Holy Land Missions which exceeds the fair market value of the materials you receive from us to be tax-deductible. The fair market value will be provided when applicable to help you determine the tax-deductible portion of your gift. Product designs subject to change based on availability. 

Note: We are expecting 7-10 day shipping delays.

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