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Clothes Donation

I will bless those who bless you, 
Oh Jerusalem

Important Message:

Did you know you can LOWER your giving donation amount rather than completely canceling it?


 We understand that some might choose to stop their donations for certain unforeseen circumstances, we are sorry to see you go. If you would like to quickly your LOWER giving donation amount you can click on the link below or call our accounting team at 1(800)-456-5830



We want to thank you on behalf of our ministry and all the persecuted believers for praying and standing with us here in the Holy Land.  We want to welcome you to visit our ministry in the Holy Land any time the Lord enables you.  Because you cared to support and stand in the gap, thousands of lives of were changed. Salvation of thousands and over half a million Gospels and Bibles and tracks and much more has been done for Chirst all because you gave. 

Blessings from the Holy Land,

Holy Land Missions Family 

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