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Jesus Gave His Heart Away to the  WORLD.....

Let's Give  Back Today!


 Investing in the Kingdom's Work in Jerusalem is more crucial than anything else! During the next 24 hours, people worldwide will come together to participate in a global day of giving – Giving Tuesday. At Holy Land Missions we have a goal of $45,000 for this season. Thanks to supporters like you, we believe it’s possible...

  • $37 donation can provide Gospel material and a meal to go

  • $67 donation can provide Bibles and a Christmas dinner outreach for two

  • $100 donation can provide a Discipleship packet and a Christmas care pack dinner   outreach

  • $250 donation can provide an opportunity to attend a discipleship training conference and Christmas care pack 

  • $500 donation can provide provide a family care pack, a complete Gospel packet, dinner for the family Christmas outreach

  • (P.S. – Share this story and the opportunity with your churches, and Sunday school classes and with your loved ones. 

To Bless Jerusalem and its People Make a donation click below:


Our team works hard every week to support the suffering and hurting Jewish and Arab believers in the Holy Land, bringing awareness to their stories. From all of us at Holy Land Missions, we are so grateful for the role you’ve played in helping us share the Gospel and pushing our mission for Jesus forward. We are grateful for the opportunity to get you involved in all that we do through sharing updates, videos, stories, and photos with you.

It’s hard to breakthrough the regional biases that plagues the land of Israel.  For us, we’ve been gifted (and burdened) with hearts to care for the Arabic speaking communities and Jewish communities across the land.  This includes the war-torn city of Gaza.
Unlike almost any other location in the world, Gaza is crushed with destruction.  Sadly, when we close our eyes to pray for the families in Gaza, our minds can’t help but be penetrated with images.  Building after building hit with incoming missiles.  Explosions.  Fire.  Debris.  House after house collapsed.  It’s hard to forget the videos and pictures of the dead bodies mutilated across the streets, and the hospitals overcrowded with bloodied and maimed people.


Dina's Story...

Sister Dina, who serves with the HLM Jerusalem congregation moved to Gaza thirty years ago with her husband Saliba.  Recently, her heart was overcome with burden for the city, so she decided to team up with Pastor Steve and deliver food packages to the poor. 
Dina distributed many food packages along with Bible materials to the poorest of poor in Gaza.  She reported that “the situation in Gaza is so bad, many unemployed, poor people, no food, no electricity, and that every family has a difficult story.”  She added, “The war makes it even worse.  Many people have had their homes destroyed and many have to sleep in gardens.”
Dina is also a cancer survivor.  She was miraculously healed.  So with every gift she distributes in Gaza, she tells of this cancer-healing miracle from Yesua (Jesus).  She uses her story of salvation and healing to share the Gospel and tell people about the work of Jesus, We’re thankful Dina has a heart to sow seed in one of the most difficult regions in the entire world.  We’re also grateful God put us in a position to reach this hard place. 
Thank you for financially standing with HLM to stand with our team like Dina, and the other servants on the ground throughout Gaza!  Please keep us in prayer as we continue stepping into this challenging outreach.

-Ps. Steven Khoury and HLM Family 


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