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Our History. Holy Land Missions has been reaching out to the lost in Israel for the past 30yrs. Today, six locations around the country are actively preaching the Gospel to a hurting nation, including Calvary Church in Jerusalem and First Baptist in Bethlehem and other Bible cities. Throughout the entire country, there are approximately 15,000 born-again believers where many faces suffering. Persecution has always faced this ministry. Church members have been attacked, discriminated against, and lost their income all for the sake of the Gospel. Several believers in the West Bank have been martyred including several youth girls who invited children to VBS, including Dr. Naim Khoury’s brother in the Mt. of Olive, and. The church in Bethlehem has been firebombed over the years and Dr. Naim Khoury has been a target of shooting in the past years.


Nevertheless, Holy Land Missions has reached out to thousands over the years through their partners and outreach programs on the ground such as: T.V. ministry, Summer Children’s Programs, Printing Press, Radio Ministry, Youth Centers, Church Services, Food Pantry, church planting, and Community Events. Holy Land Missions sends out a call for the body of believers around the world to stand behind the persecuted believers in the Holy Land.

Old City, Jerusalem. Right off the Via Delarosa pathway inside the city, this N.T church was established in the early 1980s. Today services are held weekly to train believers to witness Jericho, Israel. Set in the earliest known city of the world, this ministry holds local services and revival meetings for the hurting people of Jericho. Also serves as the retreat location for the other ministries. Jerusalem, Israel. Calvary Church began renting in 2004 only a mile down the road from the hill called Golgotha. Along with weekly services, activities include music outreaches to Muslim students, aerobic outreaches for women, community summer classes for children, and craft socials. They currently are looking to build a permanent church in this neighborhood. Bethlehem, West Bank. Founded by Dr. Naim Khoury, the First Baptist Church began in 1979 in the place where Jesus was born. For the past 30 years, they have continued to grow despite persecution from opposing religions. Today, they are the largest evangelical church in the area. Activities include evangelical outreaches, radio broadcasting, kid’s summer programs, food pantry program, and medical mission trips. Beit Sahour,: West Bank. This Youth center was started in 2005 as an outreach to the young Arabs who face trauma and anger issues due to the conflict. The center is open daily after school hours and activities include: computers, a study room, ping‐pong tables, and bonfire services. Gaza: Equipping our trained leader who is hosting underground home Bible studies and home church gatherings. Including helping the suffering and hurting women and children in the Gaza strip. Hostile Areas underground church growth: Hostile Areas underground church growth: Monthly we reach out to some of the most closed and unreached areas with the Gospel. Through hosting events where we bring people together to talk about the Love of God for them through the work of Jesus on the Cross. 

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