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Dear Friends & Partners,


Israel is under attack.


Over 2,000 rockets have been fired since Monday. Over 5000 rockets have been fired the past 48 hours. Estimated a couple thousand including children on both sides, have already been killed and hundreds more wounded in cities throughout the country, including, Sdirot, Ramallah, Hebron, Jerusalem, Ashkelon, Lod, Tel Aviv, and other cities inside the Gaza Strip. And now Israel is considering launching a ground attack which will undoubtedly lead to more casualties of the innocent on the Jewish and Arab sides.

HOLY LAND MISSIONS is A PRIMARY organization working to meet the immediate emotional, spiritual and physical needs of the local believers and their families on both the Jewish and Arab side caught in the middle - AND WE NEED YOUR HELP.

EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KITS & FAMILY CARE PACKS are in high demand and have the ability to provide emergency treatment for victims, or those who have to shelter in place. 

EACH WAR KIT is $500 u.s.d


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