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family & youth ministry programs

Arab young people living in Israel are the target of many who are trying hard to win their hearts, luring them especially to acts of exciting, sanctioned violence. These are the same young people that God is bringing into our outreaches. Many, if not most, come from difficult family backgrounds, often without love. Our youth group and the programs we organize cultivates a safe community where all participants know God's compassion, through Jesus Christ, within the healthy boundaries revealed in God's Word.


Weekly Activities 


Activities include weekly meetings every Saturday for youth and every Sunday for young kids, where they celebrate God in worship and learn about Him from studying the Bible. Times together include lively dialogue, games and just plain fun. They are tomorrow's leaders in the church and in our community.


Christian Summer Camps


Every summer, over 300 kids from the community are taught scriptures and love through our volunteer programs and Christian camps! Through camps like these, young people living in Israel who may not have been exposed to the love God get to experience it for the first time. 


Knowing that you stand with them, that they are not alone in the world, not only changes individual lives, but it also changes the fabric of tomorrow's world when they become its leaders.

Family Revival Conferences


We invite people from the North to the South of Israel – young and old, Muslims and Christians, Believers, and those who still seek – to join us for our conferences three times a year. We seek to reach two groups. Those whose hearts hunger for truth, found in the love and salvation of Jesus and Believers, who think they’re alone. Our conferences are a place for community, fellowship, and discipleship, where people can truly feel like they’re a part of God’s family. Our heart desires to grow and increase these meetings to reach the lost who are seeking Jesus and the believers who are left feeling isolated.

Conference Testimonies


“I knew God had answered my prayer during the first hour of the conference. Pastors Naim and Steven Khoury, through the Holy Spirit, spoke right to my heart. The messages they taught revealed more of God to me and the worship songs were those I so loved to sing.” 


- Tareez


As fellow believers will you join us as workers in the fields of the Holy Land? It will be with your prayers, support, and encouragement that His harvest will be gathered and His Word fulfilled.

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