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A Christian Medical Mission in Israel

At Holy Land Missions, our goal is not only to serve the spiritual needs of those in Israel but their medical needs as well. As an organization, our goal is to provide quality medical care every quarter instead of every year. In order to do this, we bring in a variety of medical specialists to address health concerns that are prevalent in our community. We’re grateful that In 2011, we were able to help over 3,000 people get the medical and dental care they deserve. 

Eye Care & Cataracts Surgery


Currently, more than 75% of our Christian Arab families in Israel do not have healthcare coverage. As part of our yearly Medical Outreach Initiative, we fly in eye specialists from the United States to help our elderly with cataract surgeries and other eye ailments.

Dental Care Missions

In addition to our efforts to provide eyecare and cataracts surgery, we also provide Arab Christians in Israel with the dental care they cannot afford on their own. Dentists from all across the United States come to help support this initiative. 

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