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I N S I D E the mission work (cont)

religion. It's also a bit of a challenge because you have to identify

the right person at the table to talk to and greet.

Now at one specific table I noticed one of the women who I have

seen before at our outreaches (Noura). As I began to talk to her,

she stood up and said "Abounaeeem (this is my alias name), I

came to your Christmas outreach which you did in our village and

at that time I was going through a lot in my personal life. I fought,

agreeing to join my neighbors to take the long trip on the bus to

join your outreach that day, but something kept pushing me to

go. I also fought coming to the first outreach I attended. In the

beginning, when we first walked in, I was very nervous I kept

asking myself what am I doing here. But when you greeted us with

a smile and you asked us to open our hearts to Essa (Jesus) the

greatest healer I felt something different. I felt the greatest

calmness settle over me and in my heart in a way I have not felt

in a long time.

That is why today I’m proud to say look around the hall at the 67

Muslim women with their children, I was the one that gathered

them together and invited them along with your team to arrange

to bring them here to this week's outreach. I went home after the

first outreach and told all of my friends, neighbors, and the

woman in my family that something happened to me when I met

you all and spent the day with you. I told my family that they must

come. That besides the good food and family care packages and

gifts we got, more importantly, there is an emotional and spiritual

draw that cannot be explained in words only by personal


Praise the Lord for Noura; because of her we were able to do

several more outreach gatherings and have been able to add new

names and disciple to new individuals that are being added to our

growing discipleship programs. Out of the testimonies and stories

of these groups who attend now, the word is spreading of

the message of Jesus. In fact, we have received invitations

to go into 3 more villages and distinct 

distinct cities that have never been

reached in the land of our Lord!

Why do we risk going into these cities and villages? Three

reasons: First, the sacrifice of Jesus is not in vein, and their

souls are worth savin. Secondly, because the smiles and

transformations we see happing in their lives make it all

worth it. Thirdly we are committed to the Lord's

commands and are committed to honoring those of you who give

to our ministry to ensure we are fulfilling our ministries goals and


These are not singular outreaches, every outreach we do has

follow-up and ongoing weekly running costs. Monthly expenses are $3,500 (U.S.D) for the next three years of outreach programs.

Yes, the more we expand and grow the more sacrificial gifts we will need to keep up with the demand of those wanting to know more about Jesus. It is an honor to say we are doing things that no one is doing in truly unreached areas. Our team and I gladly risk much to do these outreaches. What part will you take in this vision to ensure the name of Jesus is being lifted up, and discipleship is being held

till He returns?

# 1 | URGENT NEED “Planting the Seed” PROGRAM. 


We are now preparing for our October outreaches. This is when we begin to go to villages and towns to meet with key individuals who are leaders, influencers, or tribe chiefs. In these meetings we invite them to a local restaurant where we share with them what we do and our desire to see every Arab and Jew in the land have hope, peace and love. We then according to customs give them a gift which ranges from a housewarming gift to remember us with, or boxes of clothes or even bags of food.

GOAL $3,500/monthly

We need 40 partners to support $50 a month and 15 partners to support $100 a month. 


Put “Plant the Seed” on your donation!

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