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3 Reasons WHY!


If your church neighborhood and community has a growing middle eastern population you would want to read this! 


This is to inform you of an opportunity for your church to create a ministry outreach to Arabic Speaking people in the USA this year.  



1. If you don’t others with the wrong intentions will. 

2. It’s also a Biblical Call the Great Commission “Mathew 28:16-20” Go into all the world 

3. Just like other souls they are worth it! Plus their food and hospitality is unforgettable 



We would like to introduce to you Ps. Ziad and RawdaH Bannoura, Ps. Ziad has served with our Bethlehem and Jericho Ministry for over 25 years. They have helped us train many others over the years and alongside of us have seen many lives changed. They are now in the USA and would love the opportunity to introduce themselves to you. If your church and leadership, have a desire to create a NEW ministry for Middle Eastern Arabic-speaking people in the USA you could request to Interview Ps. Ziad for potentially bringing them on board to your team. They are available immediately for Zoom or Phone interviews as they are visiting with family in the USA. Please email us here with the Subject: “We are interested in knowing more about Ps. Ziad and Rawda” and we can send you information and a follow-up with a zoom call if you request so. 



Call our Ministry Line: 1800-456-5830 


Note: If your church is in Europe or another nation. We are working on preparing and training others for the near future Lord willing. 

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