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Connect with Jerusalem

Pastor Steven Khoury from Jerusalem Israel is now available for live Streaming Video to connect with  your churches and small groups by sharing an encouraging message of what is happening here... in the place where our faith began, and where it will all end

Pastor Khoury has spoken for many years in America's churches about the coming persecution in the last days, and today he wants to encourage your Spirit to stand strong for the great things the Lord has prepared for you during the world wide pandemic. Jerusalem is calling for you!


If your church would like to connect with Pastor Khoury via live streaming (or a pre-recorded message) please contact us down below and choose a date for a live booking. Sundays time slots may fill up fast, but Pastor Khoury can be available throughout the week too. (Easter weekend from Jerusalem is currently avaliable)  


Thanks for submitting!

Palm Sunday & Beyond...

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