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From Bethlehem to the World

A Baptist Church Serving Christians in Bethlehem 

In 1980 we laid the foundation for a 20th Century miracle in Bethlehem, the city of Jesus' birth. This is when First Baptist Church in Bethlehem was born. Our purpose, as an evangelical Christian church in Israel, is to lift up, proclaim and glorify Jesus the Lord, God incarnate, born as a baby over 2000 years ago. Step by step we slowly built. Today our church includes a sanctuary that seats 400, six classrooms, offices, a media studio, print shop and more.

Over the years have seen thousands of people come to know the Lord Jesus Christ through visitation, witnessing, church services, sermon broadcasts, community events and more.

Many who have come to Christ have found it difficult to continue living close enough to remain active in our local ministries. For reasons related to safety and income, a great number have found it necessary to move elsewhere. We thank God for all who remain faithful to Him, whether far away or near. We praise Him for those He has called to remain in our city and in our fellowship. The price for living here is high. Very high. Pray for all our members who even as you read these words are paying dearly for their presence here in Bethlehem. In spite of the price, or perhaps in part because of it, their light as witnesses to Jesus the Son is radiant.

A woman at FBC Bethlehem, speaking into a microphone while standing next to a large dial labeled "Go
Dr. Naim Khoury greeting people as they walk into an FBC Bethlehem service.
A group of women praying outside of a building.
A young girl winding up to throw a green dodge ball to a group of kids.
A teenage boy sitting at a piano keyboard at FBC Bethlehem.
A group of young adults gathered in a room at FBC Bethlehem.
Dr. Naim Khoury and Elvira Khour, lead pastors of FBC Bethlehem, standing next to one another.

Dr. Naim & Elvira Khoury, Lead Pastors

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