Christian Youth Leadership Training Programs in Israel


When they finish high school, many Arab Christian youth settle within a 3-mile radius of their parents’ neighborhoods. Why? Most are completely unprepared and unequipped to enter Israel’s mainstream workforce. Not to mention, the discrimination each one of them faces as a religious minority. HLM is committed to empowering new leadership among the Christian Arab community.

What's the Program Like?

Those who participate in HLM's youth leadership programs enroll in a variety of activities including:

  • Workshops

  • Simulations 

  • Seminars 

  • Collaborative artistic endeavors 

  • Athletic activities 

  • Community outreach programs.

Students are provided with ongoing opportunities to interact with the majority culture. This allows them to share their own perceptions and ideas, learn about each other’s religion and find areas of mutual concern which they can address together.

Grant Programs in Israel

Building Up the Next Generation of Leaders...


Developing the next generation of effective Arab Christian leaders  is key in stopping the dwindling Christian population from becoming obsolete in the Holy Land. Our leadership program started with a few evangelical ministers and their families and has grown to include a full team of nextgen youth leaders that provide community services, biblical counsel, and much needed goods to their own communities. 

HLM has been supporting projects and outreaches for over 20 years in many nations. Some of these projects include Grants and Loans created to help advance initiatives and projects that match HLMs vision and goals. 

Over the years this has created jobs, awareness, education and created opportunities for the up-and-coming younger leaders and generations. Through partnering with local indigenous leaders, we have seen the longevity and success of projects have an exponential success rate.  We believe that empowering partners through Loans and Grants creates a sense of responsibility and ownership.


Join us with this initiative to Support these projects.