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Connecting the Church to the Holyland

A large auditorium full of people during a conference.

Upcoming 2020 Dates soon

Four young adults wearing green aprons while preparing a mea.
Christmas Outreach
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Commit to Pray

Click on the LIVE! Blog link up top to read posts about our most urgent prayer support needs, and join our email list for updates.

A youger person holding onto the hands of an older person.

Sign up for our quarterly newsletters below to hear our message of struggling believers, and how you can share their story with others. Also, contact an HLM representative to plan a visit your church or home group.

Carry our Message
Three women walking up a street, carrying blue plastic bags full of fod.
Care Packs

Join Our Food & DVD Distribution Initiative. HLM provides spiritual and food nourishment for over 500 families throughout the Holy Land. Your Support means more food packs, or more DVD packs can be distributed.

A man in a suit, writing a note with a pen in his notebook.

Order Pastor's new book for your entire Bible class, or home discussion group. Set up one SKYPE session to video chat with Pastor to get his perspective on the Christian topics of concern here in the Holy Land!

Create a Discussion

Our Annual Christmas Community Dinner shares the true meaning of Christmas with the locals of Bethlehem, Jericho, and Jerusalem. Your support helps us feed over 1,000 attendees.

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