Holy Land Missions is a faith-based, nonprofit organization with a driving passion to connect the worldwide church to the suffering Arab Christian Communities and others, by partnering through teaching the Bible and sharing the message of the Grace of Jesus. Through: feeding initiatives, community outreaches and evangelical programs and more inside the Holy Land. HOLY LAND MISSIONS, is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (27-2905400). All donations are tax-deductible where allowed by law.




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Connecting the Church to the Holyland


Our programs include family counseling, sports, music, and women’s health awareness initiatives. Other projects that have a huge impact in the Arab community are Food Distribution, Medical Outreach and Youth Leadership Development initiatives. The fruit of these programs is hope where there has been no hope, hope that is rooted in the love of Jesus. His compassion for all people is winning respect in our Arab-Muslim community at-large. And the result? Hearts and ears are opening to the gospel and message of peace taught of Jesus Christ.

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More than 75% of our Christian Arab families do not have healthcare coverage. As part of our yearly Medical Outreach Initiative, we fly in eye specialists and dentists from the United States to help our elderly with cataract surgeries, other eye ailments and dental work. In 2011, we helped over 3,000 people.


Youth LeadershipProgram

When they finish high school, many Arab Christian youth settle within a 3-mile radius of their parents’ neighborhoods. Why? Most are completely unprepared, unequipped to enter Israel’s mainstream workforce. This lack of preparation includes a fundamental inability to communicate with Israel’s larger Jewish society.

One of the biggest challenges facing the Arab Christian community is a growing poverty. Many of our parishioners and their neighbors lack financial means to at times purchase basic food supplies for a healthy diet. Our Food Distribution Initiative provides nourishment for over 500 families. Right now we can only do this periodically.



Reach out in Love

HLM Printing Program

Holy Land Missions actively supports the Printing the World Print Shop Ministry,  hosted in Bethlehem. There, over thousands of encouraging educational and biblical teachings are produced each year. These materials are given to evangelical participants to distribute among  the comm-unities here in the Holy Land. Funds are needed to purchase more supplies like ink, DVD's, and paper stock.


Summer CampProject

Arab young people are the target of many who are trying hard to win their hearts, luring them especially to acts of exciting, sanctioned violence. These are the same young people that God is bringing into our outreaches. Many if not most come from difficult family backgrounds, often without love. Our youth group cultivates a safe community where all participants know God's compassion within the healthy boundaries revealed in God's Word.


Leadership Project

Raising up the next generation of effective Arab Christian leaders and pastors is key in stopping the dwindling Christian population from becoming obsolete in the Holy Land. This project started by supporting  a few evangelical ministers and their families, and has grown now to encompass a full team of next gen youth leaders that actively go out into the community and provide community services, biblical counsel, and assist in goods distribution, all while sharing the encouraging joy of the Lord.