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Holy landTOURS

Explore the Land, Explore God's Heart

HLM Holy Land Tours/Mission Trips Provide:
  • A life-changing experience with the Lord and His Word in the land of the Bible

  • HLM mission trips provide the opportunity to minister to the locals alongside active HLM ministries 

  • A deeper connection with the scriptures and the roots of our faith

  • Rich insight into your spiritual role in these prophetic days

  • Understanding of the biblical significance of the modern holy land

  • An HLM tour representative along with a travel guide, and host your team starting from inside the airport!


HLM Holy Land Tour/Trip Packages:

  • We offer unique trips to visit the Holy Land starting at 7-days, for customized trips contact us directly

  • Our packages include 3-star hotels and up depending on what is chosen, 3 meals, guide/host and most entrance fees

  • We can provide packages with or without flights

Discover The Truth. Transform Your Ministry
Your ministry will be transformed as the Bible comes to life and you discover the truth in a personal and dynamic way.
  • Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem and worship on the Sea of Galilee

  • Study the Word together with daily insight devotionals in places where the events of the bible actually took place

  • Discover the biblical significance of those sites and gain a deeper understanding of God’s word and vision for the world 

  • Return home with deeper insight and a renewed passion for making a greater impact than ever before                                                                                          

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Over the years we have faced many challenges of finding a permanent place to meet as a Christian community and a center.  Nonetheless, we have reached a place of enough influence and reach where the community is asking us to do more with them and their kids.


 We believe that there is no better time to plant a permanent center and home for our organization and community. This leads us to the most recent opportunity, which is at our doorstep.


Purchasing a plot of land which already has the preliminary permit and zoning approval already in active status. Which is a very rare package given the location of this land. It is within 10 minute walk to most of Jerusalem’s Biblical and historical landmarks and sights.


Join with us now to make a difference in Jerusalem.

Tour Testimonies:

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