Holy Land Missions is a faith-based, nonprofit organization with a driving passion to connect the worldwide church to the suffering Arab Christian Communities and others, by partnering through teaching the Bible and sharing the message of the Grace of Jesus. Through: feeding initiatives, community outreaches and evangelical programs and more inside the Holy Land. HOLY LAND MISSIONS, is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (27-2905400). All donations are tax-deductible where allowed by law.




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2017 was a year of waiting on the Lord to open a door for the rare opportunity to purchase a legal property in the heart of Jerusalem for our EVANGELICAL Multi-purpose Church, worship and training center! After many property searches ended in disappointment and closed doors, we are committed to following His strategic plan to position our center in one of the communities of  Jerusalem city.....in order to minister and bring light to the hurting!


Would you begin to fervently PRAY NOW that we will be drenched by the Lord's favor?

This month, we need His covering to keep the doors of opportunity open as we are in the most important part of negotiations on a fully legal property. HLM is seeking your best seed donations towards the property purchase goal right now. Remember, as mortgages are not given to overseas non-profits or local churches in Israel, we must raise the entire amount for purchase and taxes upfront! Join our mission to establish a legacy to share the Gospel in Jerusalem in 2018!

Israel is the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity. But the Christian Arab population is slowly declining both in numbers and in spirit. The need is hope for a better tomorrow. With your help, with your participation, your brothers and sisters in Christ can be strengthened, discovering spiritual renewal and opportunities to remain in the Land. 


Our church—your church—in Jerusalem is facing eviction. Opposing religious majority leaders in the community insisted that our landlord end our congregation’s lease. This kind of opposition is not new. In the past 13 years, Calvary Church has had to relocate 3 times! Pursuing other landlords has become a band-aid solution seeking a permanent and safe location for our Calvary Church community. Currently we are renting on a nightly basis from the YWCA, but are not able to run our full programs and expand, or hold outreach office hours.



Our mission for a new church home includes its use as a multi-purpose complex, giving our congregants freedom to grow both physically and spiritually. This especially includes our young people, with a goal to empower them in their faith so that they become a blessing to all Israel, fully integrated into its culture.  It is the vision of HLM that with a multipurpose facility, parking and a playground, it will expand existing community programs for all faiths, while supporting the dwindling East Jerusalem Christian Arab minority with a message the Eternal Hope we have is Jesus and His Grace brings unity and hope to all mankind.



The project will serve families who live in east and central Jerusalem and beyond. The project was founded to address a number of challenges in the targeted community:

Focus area: Christian Arab Support: At the end of 2008, the population of East Jerusalem was 456,300, comprising 60% of Jerusalem's residents. Of these, 195,500 (43%) are Jews, 260,800 (57%) are Arabs. Of the Arabs, 95% are Muslims, and the remaining 5% are Christians. Additionally, as a minority and like any other minority everywhere Palestinian Christians are easy targets for criminal acts. Their small family and community size encourage aggressive parties to take advantage. Several atrocities were recorded either on properties or human safety levels.

Help Us Build a Multi-Purpose Center 



“As a Christian believer living in Jerusalem, were so small in number. It feels good to be able to go to church and feel were not alone anymore.”​ 

—  Tarek, Jerusalem Youth Member