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ThE Largest Evangelical Center
planned for JERUSALEM


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Israel is the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity, but the local persecuted Christian population is rapidly declining both in numbers and in spirit. With your help and participation, your brothers and sisters in Christ can be strengthened. They can discover spiritual renewal and opportunities to remain in Jerusalem’s city. Among the millions living in Jerusalem, less than 30,000 are in a unique position to serve the community around them and be a true light. Today, they need a multi-purpose center to develop an education of cooperation with one another. 


Join with thousands of believers in the single largest private investment ever in the Christian conservation effort of Jerusalem's evangelical community. It's the most ambitious fundraising initiative in the Holy Land Missions (HLM's) 35-year history with partners serving there. It's absolutely vital to the stability of Christianity's future in the Holy Land. And we need you to bring this campaign to life.


HLM is one of the leading evangelical Christian Arab ministries and charitable organizations in Israel, running 11 ministries and outreaches throughout the land, that give new life and hope to both Muslims and Jews. HLM’s Calvary Church has a calling from God to purchase a rare piece of land and secure a permanent safe location to replant the outreach center that would serve as an “Embassy for Jesus” in Jerusalem.

The proposed center will serve families who live in East and Central Jerusalem and beyond. The project was launched to address a number of humanitarian challenges in the community by establishing:

  • Evangelical Worship Center

  • 24/7 Prayer Tower

  • Bible Institution for Future Leaders

  • Feeding/Poverty Storehouse Program

  • Evangelical Media Station

  • Community Restaurant/Coffee Cafe Outreach

  • Host Traveling Outreach/Medical Teams


As an experienced non-profit organization, we know that we couldn’t do what we do without you. This is no different. Your donations and prayerful support of the Jerusalem Landmark Campaign will help us to establish a legacy to share the Gospel in Jerusalem in 2020!

Would you prayerfully consider financially supporting our vision that will help to change this community’s future? 


If now is not the right time for you to support HLM financially, we would be incredibly grateful if you prayed for us, that we would receive everything we need to turn this vision into reality. 

The city of Jerusalem with the words "Can you see a church here? Save the Jerusalem chuch" overlayed.
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