Our battles are not against flesh and Blood:   Ephesians 6:12, KJV: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

This is critical to remember every day from now till the Lord returns to take us home. This is also important for the next bible reference the Holy Spirit has directed me to mention.

Three Gospel references all give us a unique insight on a specific event in the story of Jesus calming the storm and sea on the sea of Galilee. Today, I want to bring this story from a different traditional perspective. Specifically, through the words of Mark chapter 4. Saint Mark tells us there were other ships around Jesus but the wind and waves targeted the ship which Jesus and His disciples were in. This was a direct attack on this specific ship and those within it. We know the story, but I want to focus on two words used in this story ‘Gaar’ in Hebrew and it literally translates ‘To Scold or Rebuke’ which is seen in the KJV. We also see ‘Gaar’ when God rebuked the Red Sea and the living things to move and separate for Moses and the His people.  When Jesus spoke, he spoke the root word of ‘Gaar’. So in both stories we see the Lord speaking to a living thing or an active being.


Next, continuing in Mark chapter 4, Jesus commands ‘Shalom’.  I believe that the prince of the darkness of this world was moving the winds and sea as a direct attack on Christ’s plan to do direct ministry on the other side of the Galilee.  That is why when Jesus woke up we see him speaking not to a body of water only, but He spoke into the realm of darkness rebuking what was stirring it and commanding the waters to be still.  He was invoking the SHALOM. It is very important to know see that although Jesus in Mark chapter 4 says “Peace” it is not the “Shalom” peace which is commonly understood in the scriptures. Rather, here He is giving a direct command of “listen and be still”.


It is very similar to what I see happening today globally in the physical, spiritual and in the political.  It is a spirit of distraction and discouragement.  I strongly believe that the example of the storm and waves is similar to today’s atmosphere. Church wake up! The prince of darkness in this world is stirring and blinding the eyes and thoughts of those under the influence of darkness.  Could Jesus have been waiting for one of the disciples to invoke the ‘gaar’ and to command the shalom to cease the stirring of the devil and his demons right then? 


I am convinced that Jesus was trying to teach them to battle. Therefore, let us put on the full armor of God, let’s begin to worship in our churches, to shout out in faith. As we prepare our Christmas outreaches across Jerusalem and Bethlehem join us in the battle for faith. Many around us are giving food, but not giving the message of Jesus out of fear. This is not the heart of the Father. Inside you will meet Runa and Kram, read their story of God’s love. I pray that God will move you to partner with HLM today.


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