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Over 30 Years of MINISTRY in the Holy Land

Holy Land Missions is a faith based organization called to be a compelling help to the suffering communities of Christians living in Israel. As one of the few Arab ministries teaching a Biblical Full-Covenant worldview, HLM continues to plant the love of God in hearts that forgot it and bring meaningful reconciliation to a hurting nation. HLM is connecting the worldwide church to the Holy Land by taking a stand to bless the suffering communities living in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and throughout the holy land.

Director Rev.StevenKhoury

Pastor and President of Holy Land Missions Steven Khoury standing next to HLM's founder Dr. Naim Khoury.

Runa left a comfortable life in Egypt to follow God’s call to serve the lost and hurting people of the Holy Land. Based in Jesus’ birthplace of Bethlehem, she has been called specifically to minister to the young people in the Holy Land. Runa has a heart for educating children and has built beautiful relationships in the darkest corners of this region.

A woven basket, with a cup of coffee, a small plant and the bok "In the Backyard of Jesus" by Steven Khoury inside.

This amazing book tells the story of what Pastor Steven faced in his life growing up between the Bethlehem of Jesus’ birthplace, and Jerusalem.


Every part of his life has been marked by opposition from those who deny Christ and those who would like to see His followers snuffed out. Order your book here.

A woman, with red backpack and a hiking stick, overlooking a canyon with a body of water at the bottom in Israel.
 A HLM Holy Land Encounter Trip is a life-changing experience with the Lord and His Word in the land of the Bible! A representative from HLM will take you on a tour of Israel, which includes Jerusalem and Bethlehem, to better understand the significance of these places. 7-day, 10-day or custom trips are available.

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